I have always loved words. I am a Gemini and need communication like the sun needs the moon. It is no surprise that I chose a life of marketing prior to my current life. Words make me happy. They make me feel like I’m connecting. They spill out of me through creative expression. And once out, my head feels lighter. Thank goodness! They have been a huge part of my healing. By expressing my truth I have stepped into my power and found a sense of self-depth I never knew existed.

When I was 8 years old I came second in a poetry competition. I won $40. I bought a crimper. I still have that crimper today. I love it. I’d love to share that poem with you right now, my first ever published piece, but the crimper was all that stayed with me. I have no conscious idea of what my first written work was about.

But for links to articles I’ve written, and interviews I’ve given, since becoming a proclaimed 8 year old poet please journey below. There’s no crimper on offer but perhaps you’ll find something else of worth. Although, is there anything really worth more than a crimper.

Our lives are ready to bloom. – guest post for Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe

A word on chronic illness & relationships – guest post for The Holistic Ingredient

Hunter people healing through diet – Newcastle Herald

Wednesday wisdom – guest interview for Ascension Kitchen

A (re)Treat for all your senses – guest post for The Holistic Chef

Holistic Healing – guest interview for Downtown Magazine

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