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10 years ago I was in the prime of my life. I was 29 years old. I was at the top of my game as the Head of Marketing & Communications for an iconic sports brand in London. I had thousands of friends. A beautiful family. Financial stability. Awe-inspiring experiences. Exceptional life joy. I had the world at my feet and I was taking it by storm. Wasn’t I? 

10 years ago, while home in Australia, I was bitten by a little mosquito. I got Ross River Fever. And I got very sick. I returned to London and 12 months later my body had fully shut down. I could no longer dress myself without tears or walk down a flight of stairs without feeling totally overwhelmed. I had rashes everywhere. In my ears. On my tongue. Swollen glands. Swollen eyes. A nose the size of a small dog. I was sensitive to all noise and light. Quick movements made me dizzy and my period was so painful that I saw my last European New Years Day from the fetal position in a Paris hotel room. I had no memory retention and my hair was falling out in clumps. Then the panic attack happened. Clapham Station. Too many people. Too much activity. Too scary for my body. Holy confronting. 

I returned to Australia for tests. We knew things weren’t great but I’d be fine. Soon. Right? Wrong. 

In May of 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was a shell of my former self. Dead inside. Lucky to be able to breathe on my own. Every single basic bodily function had all but stopped. I had one of two choices, fight or not fight. I fought.  

Nine years on I can see it was there that things changed. It was there that things would never be the same. It was there that my body gave me the gift of consciousness. The gift of connectivity, the gift of an empowered self, the gift of a life in balance. It lit the way to my true path. 

Welcome to green soul. This is my gift to you. It is my hope that something here might help you on your path. We all connect for different reasons, stumbling across something to propel us to the next something. We may not be consciously aware but each choice we make takes us to the next choice, offering us growth and gently shifting us to exactly where we’re meant to be.   

And the gentle shifting on my path has meant that I am now where I’m meant to be, I am the healer and the practitioner that my body always needed. I have studied and experienced an intensive healing journey, blessed to have been exposed to many different therapies, teachers, cultures, and perspectives. And I continue to bring in all that works for me, which is what I offer to you when you book an appointment with me.

Please feel free to journey with me for however long feels right for you. Take your time and do what you’re ready for. It’s all ok. When we surrender and when we trust life opens up. We let go, we’re no longer stuck and what’s for us won’t pass us by. Of course, it’s easier said than done especially in this modern day busy world, but what a beautiful space of calm it is when we find ourselves fully believing and no longer resisting, even if it’s only momentary. Our energetic life force sings, and we are in harmony with our inner wisdom. We dip into true self-love and an inspired knowing. This is the only space that real cellular healing takes place from. It is the key to a life in balance. 

For my full story please journey with me here (I’m a Gemini and like to write thesis’) but for now thank you for visiting and sharing your energy with green soul. You’ve made my heart smile. 

Much love and green soul vibrations, 

nicky xox                                                 


7 Comments on “my story”

  1. Airlie

    happy birthday lovely nicky and congratulations on launching your site. it looks amazing and i’ve loved reading your stories. hope you have a wonderful day xxx

  2. Sinead

    Nicky, your site and story are amazing. I am here in Canada with tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing and fighting. I feel touched. Good luck xxx

    • Nicky Done

      Awww bless you beautiful girl. It’s so special to hear from you. And thank you so much for your gorgeous words. You’ve made me get tears in my eyes 🙂 sending so much love to you. We miss you here xox

  3. Alissa

    hey Nicky i am in awe of you you were always such a beautiful and caring person even at school i am so amazed you had to go through all that and came out the otherside stronger so much love to you it is so inspiring and i really love your website. xx


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